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The Azores among the “Sustainable Destinations Global Top 100” for second time

For the second time, Green Destinations has nominated the Azores as one of the top 100 most sustainable destinations in the world.

Landscape in Flores island - Azores by Associaç╞o de Turismo dos Açores - T09AUH2J

The award “Sustainable Destinations Global Top 100” was created to recognized the efforts of the top 100 most sustainable travel destinations in the world, while encourage good practices in terms of economic and environmental sustainability and responsible tourism.

The Azores Islands, nine Portuguese volcanic islands in the Atlantic, were created by volcanic activity millions of years ago, and have a stunning and dramatic environment. From the black lava cliffs on the island of Terceira, to the mythical Mountain Lake of Fire on São Miguel, the Azores have an intensely green and sculptured landscape.

Back in 2014, when this list was first announced, the Azores Islands were given a sustainability award for the quality of the destination and were considered “an example thanks to their environmental practices and to the way how they have harmonized the link between man and nature.”

The recognition of the Azores Archipelago, whose application was prepared by Azores Geopark along with the Azores Tourism Board, supports and rewards the work done in the nine islands concerning nature tourism, including ecotourism, which is both a premium tourism product of this Autonomous Region and one of the main pillars of UNESCO World Geoparks, as is the case of the Azores.

Based on 15 core criteria of the Green Destinations Standard (table), nominators had to provide extensive information on the destination and on its efforts towards sustainability for the benefit of visitors, residents and the world.

The Azores offer a unique, European experience, and are just a four-hour flight from New England.  As the closest point in Europe to North America, the nine volcanic islands offer visitors a number of places to stay, including hotels, Pousadas, villas, and manor houses. Only five percent of the Azores Islands is developed. More info at


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