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Agua Castello - Moura


The Água Castello is one of Portugal's oldest bottling and distribution of mineral water, which was founded in 1899 . Created by Águas de Moura company has its origins in the region of Alentejo and is known for his way of publicizing innovative and original. In 2011 , the company opened its own museum, the Museum of Castello Water.

There are many interesting features for visitors to see in this bright and cheerful Alentejo town situated close to the River Guadiana. This is a region of undulating hills, planted with extensive olive-groves and producing some excellent wines

The Água Castello  recently, it has launched several product lines (such as Castello Bubbles)  using advertising  renew the brand.

Any stroll through the town of Moura must include a visit to the Mouraria, one of the largest and best-preserved Moorish quarters in the country, displaying all the typical characteristics of Arab residential areas. In Rua da Muralha Nova, on the edge of this quarter, visitors can see a section of the walls of the castle built in the late 17th century. The Arab Museum. This has been built around a well that dates from the time of the Moorish occupation and is in an excellent state of preservation.

Above the building that was once the Town Hall but now houses the Municipal Library, there rises the impressive Torre da Taipa, also from the Arab period.

Água de Luso - Luso


Luso is a welcoming spa town with extremely pure waters. Located on the mountainside of Buçaco, the Grande Hotel de Luso is  a project of the famous Portuguese architect Cassiano Branco, dominates the landscape of the village of Luso, famous for the excellent quality of its mineral water and spa.

So, the water comes from rain in Serra do Buçaco where it hit rocks formed almost exclusively of quartz, called quartzite. T

Pedras Salgadas 


In 1902, the inspector of the Kingdom's Mineral Waters defined Pedras Salgadas as it follows: "For all its natural beauties, therapeutic importance and artifices' magnificence, it must be considered the most beautiful Portuguese spa."

Today the Spa is still considered unique because of the beauty of the park in which it is located and because of its architecture.

The springs at Pedras Salads have been known since Roman times. However, they only began to be used commercially in 1871. In 1879 the on the Grande Hotel in the spa opened, and in 1884, it was visited by the Queen D. Maria Pia.

Pedras Salgadas is a naturally carbonated mineral water with a unique composition. It comes from the northeast of Portugal, on a totally isolated plateau, free from any kind of pollutant, in a region of beauty and environmental purity.

The water takes about ten years to cross the different layers of granite that filter it and enrich it with mineral salts.


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