Aveiro - the "Venice of Portugal"
Covilhã - City of Snow - reborn

On the 5 stages of the Web Summit, in the Pavilion of Portugal, the inauguration of the Pop Rooster, by Joana Vasconcelos, concerts, cusine, arts, and Live Streaming

The Sunset Summit will take place, November 8th and 9th, in the Portugal’s Pavilion, from 04.00-07.00pm, and all the Web Summit’s participants will be welcome.

“Turismo de Portugal” will make available to all the 50,000 registered Web Summit’s attendees, - the world’s largest technology event - a unique culture/gastronomic/artistic experience of all the 7 tourism Regions of Portugal, highlighting the differentiating aspects of each one.

The Sunset Summit will be staged within the Pavilion of Portugal, and under the “Pala”(the ‘Visor”, by the famous Portuguese architect, Álvaro Siza Vieira). The program includes multimedia concerts and shows, with more than 17 artists, the prominent ones being Gisela João, a Fado singer, the pianist, Júlio Resende and the duo Medeiros & Lucas, whose performances will be under the “Pala”, and, therefore, open to the public. It is a way of engaging and sharing this event with the Portuguese who do not directly participate in the Conference.


At the same time, and via live streaming, what is happening in the five stages of the Web Summit will be broadcast, throughout the duration of the Conference. For this specific purpose, www.websummit.visitportugal.com was created by “Turismo de Portugal”, site optimized by mobile and, at times, when no events are taking place, Portugal’s wide tourism offer and riches, will be promoted.

The aforementioned initiative, conceived in co-p with the Web Summit, also includes a contest towards encouraging the Web Summit participants to share their photos taken in Portugal, thru the following hashtags: #illBeBackPortugal e #websummit2016.The grand prize will be a return trip to Portugal, in 2017.


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