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Madeira, for the second year in a row,  has won the title of the World's leading island destination.  Madeira was recognized by the World Travel Awards (WTA) as the World's leading island destination, in a contest that included 13 competitors.


This is how Eduardo Jesus - the Secretary for Economy, Tourism and Culture - put it: These two awards recognize our quality internationally and motivate us to move forward. This is the best way to end what will be the greatest year ever for tourism in Madeira.

This award ceremony, also known as the "Oscars of Tourism", took place in the Maldives, where Madeira tourism was represented by the director for tourism, Kátia Carvalho, who dedicating this award to the entire population of Madeira: "This is a recognition for Madeira, for its population and for all those who contribute to a notoriety that has been affirmed daily and at various levels. “Our entire population deserves this award, because it is our people who differentiate us in the market. We know how to welcome and take care of our tourists like no one else can.”

Madeira was recognized in 2013 and 2014, by the World Travel Awards (WTA), as the Europe’s leading island destination, having won the prize of the World's leading island destination in 2015. This year, Madeira regained the award of Europe’s leading island destination and the World title as well.

MOUNTAIN Photo credit to Associacao de Promocao da Madeira Promotion Bureau

Madeira is located 1,000 km from the European mainland and just 500 km from the African continent. Madeira Islands geographic location and mountainous terrain provide its amazingly mild climate, ranging from 25°C in the summer to 17°C in the winter, with very mild average temperatures and moderate humidity. Madeira offers stunning landscapes, dense verdant forests, volcanic mountains, flower gardens with exuberant colours, the taste of passion fruit and swimming in the Atlantic's blue waters. Its the perfect destination for those seeking a bluer sky and brighter sun, warmth and smiles, an exemplary hospitality which brings peace of mind.


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