Visit two cities for the price of one with Azores Airlines
Spain or Portugal? Both or just one? American travelers ask this when planning a trip. Here’s our take:

Experience the real Portugal with Sagres Vacations

Private Wine Tastings and Culinary Workshops in a 200 year old Family Owned Vineyard.  Learn about the century year old wine making process from the family that keeps these traditions alive.  Savor the rich local cuisine as you prepare a traditional Portuguese recipe with a local chef utilizing the fresh ingredients from the grounds of the winery estate.
winemaker for a day- Learn from the masters of the trade, and create your own blend of the Douro Wine.  Touriga Nacional,Tinta Borroca are only two of the over 30 varieties of red grapes in the Douro Valley.  After you produce your "vintage" red, the final details including the design, color and attachment of your own personalized label.  

Savor the local cuisine of Porto, Lisbon, Azores and Madeira.  Meet a traditional Portuguese Family whose love of food and country are combined in this amazing cooking experience.  Stroll through the traditional markets "feiras" and shop for the freshes fish, meat, fruits and vegetables, after a hearty negotiation with some of the locals, you and your "hosted family" will cook a delicious meal, while discovering the soul of Portugal through its food.
Unfinished Chapels  detail  Santa Maria da Vit¢ria Monastery. Batalha

Explore the Shepher's trail in the highest mountain in Continental Portugal.  Spend the day with a local shepherd, as you walk the majestic terrain of the "Serra Da Estrela" During your walk, you will encounter the sounds of goat and sheep bells as they roam the area surrounding Star Mountain.  Stunning landscape, coupled with the pure mountain air and magnificent views of rocky ridges and distant plains, offers a idyllic surrounding for your walk "back in time" to one of the most traditional tasks in the region, shepherding.  The conversation between your guide allows your mind to travel hundreds of years in time as you imagine hundreds of roaming sheep and goats harvesting on the very same grounds.  A traditional picnic or "bucha" set in one of the most tranquil settings in the Portuguese mountains make this a memorable experience for all.

Portugal's love of the Blue Tile....Azulejos date as far back as the 13th century, when the Moors invaded the land that now belongs to Spain and Portugal,The word azulejo stems from Arabic roots, meaning ‘small polished stone’.  Although it can be painted in other colors such as yellow, and olive green, the Azulejo is mostly recognized as the iconic blue tile that adors private residences as well as famous landmarks throughout Portugal such as the Sao Bento Railway Station in Porto, the Majestic Palace of Bussaco and the City's train station in Aveiro.  You can paint your own azulejo during one of our workshops with one of the few masters of the trade in the vila of Azeitao, south of Lisbon.  With a small studio, and over 40 years of experience, our local experts will show you the art of the painted blue stone, the intricate designs can hide personal stories and symbols of love, pain and hope. It iis common to see them decorating churches, monasteries, restaurants, bars, railway and subway stations, palaces, and regular homes. They are also used extensively in interior decoration.
Don't Just Travel, "Experience It!"


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