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Madeira: The island of Madeira lies in the Atlantic ocean, 750 miles southwest of Lisbon. This is a temperate paradise – always warm in winter, and never too warm in summer. An island of flowers, wine, elegant resorts, fascinating villages and landscapes, Madeira, with its romantic capital of Funchal, has been a travelers’ favorite ever since its discovery in the 15th century. Read more →

Azores Airlines knows that every now and then getting away is not a bad idea. So, this fall, the airline is offering a Thanksgiving escape to the Azores. Their Thanksgiving deal is from Boston to Ponta Delgada with round trip, non-stop air, a 5-star seaside resort hotel, transfers and breakfast. All for just $799 per person. The flight departs from Boston on November 21 and returns on November 26, 2017. Read more →

As the closest nation in Europe to the U.S. and one of the best values in Europe today, Portugal is welcoming to families. With great beaches, attractions, and family friendly hotels, Portugal has lots for a family to do, and Portuguese culture cherishes children. You will find free hotels stays for kids (with breakfast), and in most restaurants - high chairs. Read more →

If there is one thing Portugal has, it is salt. With a long Atlantic coastline, salt production thrived, and saltpans still function in many coastal cities and towns, such as Aveiro. The pink salt of Setúbal was once considered some of the best in the world. Salt is a natural preservative, and the combination of salt and smoke is the origin of sausages and cured meat – and that is what we will look at today! Read more →

Portuguese people the world over celebrate Portugal Day on June 10th, commemorating the death of the national literary icon Luis do Camoes in 1580.  Portugal’s national airline is celebrating Portugal Day with new nonstop service between Toronto and Lisbon. Read more →