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Madeira, your new winter escape!

Warmed by sun and ocean breezes, Madeira is the pearl of Atlantic with a nearly perfect climate—warm and clear in winter with temperature in the mid 70s.

Bay of Funchal a general view Photo credit to Joao Paulo - T09AVH0U

The island of Madeira looms in the Atlantic ocean, 750 miles southwest of Lisbon. This is a temperate paradise – always warm in winter, and never too warm in summer. An island of flowers, wine, elegant resorts, fascinating villages and landscapes, Madeira, with its romantic capital of Funchal, has been a travelers’ favorite ever since its discovery in the 15 Century.


Red volcanic cliffs that rise dramatically from the sea characterize Madeira’s fascinating landscape. The islands steep rise creates six unique climate zones, each with its own beautiful flora and fauna that contribute to the comparison of Madeira with Hawaii.


Visitors come for the natural beauty, and they stay to experience the ocean, golf, hiking, deep sea fishing, diving, and old world charm of the island and its mountains and seaside towns. Madeira remains an uncrowned and sophisticated pearl of European charm, where a visitors can experience the sea, mountain hiking, or city culture.


Americans are no strangers to Madeira or its wine. George Washington was a great fan of its wine. His inauguration as president of the United States was celebrated with Madeira wine. American patriots toasted the Declaration of Independence with a glass of Madeira. The legendary frigate Constitution was christened with Madeira wine. President Franklin Pierce spent several months on the island after leaving office in 1857.


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