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Take a swing at golf all year in Portugal!

Don't waste another moment. In Portugal they play golf all year round! Prepare to be amazed by breathtaking scenarios and golf courses designed in harmony with nature. Perfect your golf swing while staring out to sea. Discover the wonders of the Atlantic - energetic in Lisbon, calm in the Algarve and omnipresent in the Azores and Madeira.

Whether you're looking to learn, train or simply perfect your technique, you'll find the ideal golf course for you in Portugal!

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Close to the sea and with excellent weather, Portugal attracts some of the most discerning golfers in the world, who come to enjoy courses that vary in both design and difficulty. That's why...

Golf with sea air

Around half an hour from Lisbon, many of these golf courses also capitalize on the beauty of their natural surroundings. Try the Tróia course, located on the narrow peninsula separating the Sado...

The perfect swing

From the western tip right over to the eastern border, the range of golf courses across the Algarve is highly varied. With internationally established reputations, the academies are there to help...

Algarve Golf Offering to Double

The number of golf courses in eh Algarve will double with new courses under way in Loulé, Silves, Castro Marim, Vila Real de Santo António, Portimão, Olhão e Lagos, and others. Today there are 31 golf course in eh Algarve, or more than half al the “holes” in Portugal. That .055 of the world total, and 5 % of the total for Europe, and right now more than 3.300 round are paled each month at the respective courses.

In the first 2 months of 2003 158.897 round were played in the Algarve, an increase of 4.512 in relation to the same period last year. Portugal is one of Europe's top golfing destinations. In the Algarve's mild climate, golf is played year-round between red cliffs and sea views.

There are more than 30 golf courses in the Algarve, many designed by the best know names in golf. Several courses rated in the finest in Europe, with luxury clubhouses, manicured greens and flawless fairways. All courses are open to visitors.



One of Europe's top golfing destinations, the Algarve has firmly established its reputation as a quality resort among all enthusiasts.

The quality layout of the courses, many of them designed by the very best international architects, coupled with the sheer beauty of the surrounding landscapes, meets the demands of golfers of all levels. Indeed, the region has become a firm favorite among golfers from all around the world.

The pleasant climate, with over three hundred days of sunshine, ensures that golf can be comfortably played all year round. 

The excellence of the Algarve's courses is heightened by the variety of trees and vegetation, the greens, tees and the prevailing silence broken only by the sound of a well-struck shot.

Courses with special tournaments

One of the most widely sought after regions in European golf, the Algarve has several courses of the highest quality, many of them designed by some of the world’s most widely respected golf architects.             

Superb landscapes

Set against breathtaking backdrops, many of the Algarve’s golf courses provide scenarios of such outstanding beauty that they are well worth visiting for that reason alone.        

Golf in Vilamoura

Generally recognized as the quintessential golfing capital in Portugal, Vilamoura also enjoys the status of being considered the best golf destination for tourists in Europe.  

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The Madeira Islands with their eternal spring are the perfect golf destination all year round. Two different islands, three magnificent golf courses and a wide range of accommodation, leisure and wellness for all golfers.        

The Madeira Islands’ exceptional climate and beauty make them quite unique.

Their golfing tradition goes back to 1937, when three British men, Miles, Leacock and Blandy, built the first nine-hole course.

In Madeira you have two courses to choose from, Palheiro Golf with its 18 holes and Clube de Golfe do Santo da Serra with 27, both set in outstandingly beautiful scenery.

In Porto Santo, 40 km from Madeira, try the 27-hole course designed by the famous golfer, Seve Ballesteros. Porto Santo is different from its “mother island” and its 9 km of beach and crystal-clear waters are just the thing after a game.

The annual Madeira Open is the most important golf tournament in the Madeira Islands and is part of the European PGA.

The islands have the facilities they need to welcome golfers with all handicaps, including high-quality hotels, making the islands a paradise for golf lovers, who are bound to enjoy the challenge of each hole and the charm of the surrounding countryside.



The mild Atlantic climate of the Azores means that golfers can play year-round. And, the lush green courses of the Azores offer a mix of unique landscapes, ocean views, and all types of exotic flowers and plants.

The Azores offer three excellent courses, with the best found on the main island of São Miguel operated by Verdegolf. The 1939 Furnas course (Architect: MacKenzie Ross - nine holes, Cameron & Powell - nine holes) was the first in the Azores, and it combines the best of old world course design with mature plantings and sweeping fairways. The courses take advantage of vistas and natural features to offer a unique golfing experience. The first nine holes are the original course with another nine added a few years back. The course is a par 72, with beautiful greens surrounded by a breathtaking volcanic landscape. And, at 1,700 feet above sea level, clouds passing through can present a fun challenge. The course is right outside the resort town of Furnas, with its gardens, spa, and hot springs.

The newer Batalha on São Miguel course takes advantage of natural features to offer a distinctive golfing experience. Described as “one the world’s most intimate and exquisitely beautiful courses, given its mountain setting with sheltering forests and numerous elegant tree ferns,” by travel writer David Sayers, the course offers long views of the sea with superb landscapes as the backdrop. Another nine holes were added to the Batalha course this year, bringing its total to 27. The first nine offer sweeping ocean panorama, while the rest of the course plays through exotic woodlands with volcanic mountain views. The Batalha course is just a few miles outside of the main city of Ponta Delgada.

The nearby island of Terceira has a 18-hole course known as the Terceira Golf Club. The course is quite popular with officers from the U.S. and NATO airbase on the island. And new course is also planned for the island of Pico.



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