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Licor de Merda - Portugal's Liquor of Shit

In 1974 Licor de Merda was first made in the wine region of Cantanhede, near Coimbra. Portugal was going through a troubled period marked by political struggles. In this uncertain time, the so-called Liquor of Shit was crafted to "honor" the folks who then ruled Portugal. Almost a joke (obviously by the name) the drink sold well. 4764964076_64286684b3_b

People developed a taste, and it became popular. But, it is not made of excrement, Licor de Merda is made with milk, and also contains herbs, vanilla, cocoa, cinnamon, sugar and citrus. As the label says "Various merdas." Its main markets are Luxembourg and Switzerland and Portugal. In fact, there are numerous recipes based on Licor de Merda with names like "ice cream of shit" or "mousse of shit.  As for Cocktails,  start with the "caipi-merda" ...




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