Fall in love with Portugal
Sagres Vacations Expands with New Office in Portugal

Land in Lisbon or in Porto and visit Evora or Aveiro

Azores Airlines takes you to Portugal, but it is up to you to explore the country as you wish. Lisbon and Porto are both great cities, no doubt about it, and very different from each other, but Portugal is way more than its two biggest cities.

Aveiro is just one hour away from Porto by car, but here are also trains. The city is called the “Venice of Portugal” due to its picturesque setting of scenic canals connected by charming bridges.


This “hidden gem” does not feature many itineraries for visitors but it is definitely a must-see. There are historic sites, gorgeous beaches and delicious cuisine – try the “tripas” it is a kind of a crepe, but the pastry normally has chocolate inside (it can be Nutella). Aveiro’s main sightseeings include the Cathedral, the São Gonçalinho Chapel and Convento de Jesus.

Less than two hours away from Lisbon is Evora, the Alentejo’s capital. It may seem just an extremely warm small town in the middle of Alentejo but it has a rich history. In fact its history dates back more than 2,000 years and back in the day Evora was a flourishing city under the Romans.


It has more than 4,000 historic structures including the old Roman walls the Roman Temple. Another highlights are the 13th century Cathedral of Evora, one of Portugal’s most fmaous Gothic structures. At the Church of São Francisco you will find the Chapel of the Bones. This chapel is the final resting place for hundreds of monks.. There are 5,000 bones cast into the cement from the floor to the ceiling, from skulls to femurs. Creepy, but worth seeing.

Renting a car would be the best option. The views are the same from inside the train, but that does not allow to stop and explore the small villages you will come across on your way and that is the best way to know the real Portugal. And Portugal is much more than Lisbon and Porto.


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