The soup is always on throughout Portugal
Azores Airlines offers Boston to the Azores, Portugal for just $596 Round Trip

Forget the day-after-Christmas sales at the local mall. Fly to Portugal!

Forget the day-after-Christmas sales at the local mall. Fly to Portugal where boutiques and stores will mark fine crafted items down by as much as 80 percent from January 7th to February 28th. Only 4 to 5 hours from the United States, Portugal is the closest European country to our shores. If you go at the right time, you can find tremendous values on all types of fine luxury items.

Portugal is famed for its high quality, locally made leather goods, copper, ceramics, handcrafted silver and gold, embroidery and tapestry, woodcarving, cork products, porcelain and china, crystal and glassware. And from the week right New Year’s major sales are offered across the country, including designer fashion boutiques. Add to this some very affordable airfares usually offered for that time of year, and you get a real bargain!

The temptation to shop is strong for visitors to Portugal any time of the year. Portuguese mills turn out the finest clothes ranging from thick hand-knitted sweaters to the latest fashions. Also, look for crystal, silver, and handcrafted jewelry, all made to the highest Europe standards. Traditional arts and crafts such as ceramics and tiles are distinct values too, from fine Coimbra pottery to the famous greenware of Bordalo Pinheiro. Lace and embroidery are particularly good deals in Madeira and the Azores.

Porto bridge - Photo credit to The Yeatman Hotel

After the holidays, the latest Nuno Baltazar dress, a skirt by Anabela Baldaque, or a top by Maria Gambina could be on sale for 30 to 70 percent off. So, a trip to Portugal can net the latest European fashion, at a real discount, months before they appear in the U.S.

Shopping in Portugal is a value in comparison with other European countries anytime of the year, but with year-end sales… it makes it worth the trip.


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