Holiday spirit sweeps the parks and monuments of Sintra
The tale behind Portugal's National Pantheon

Portugal: More than a dozen world heritage sites. Discover the land of the Explorers



Portugal has 13+ sites recognized as World Heritage sites by UNESCO.  Tenare spread across the mainland, with 3 on Madeira and the Azores. Only Italy has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Europe than Portugal –for a small nation, that is a big deal.

World Heritage in one place

Sintra rc

Discover the heart of Portugal through ancientmonuments, cities and wonderful landscapes.

Two UNESCO sites, the cave paintings in the Côa RiverValley and the Laurissilva Forest of Madeira, are prehistoric while another twoare recognized for amazing fruitful vineyards that sprout in unique places, theDouro River Valley and the Vineyards of Pico Island. The founder king ofPortugal, D. Afonso Henriques, is linked many sites  like the historic center of Guimarães and theAlcobaça Monastery.

Out of intercultural exchange and mastery of the seascame the Manueline style that is unique. In Lisbon, the point of departure forthe Voyages of Exploration, the Monastery of Jerónimos and the Tower of Belém stand as symbols for this artistic architectural style. Wander the historic centersof Guimarães, Porto, Évora or Angra do Heroísmo, all packed with 800 years of Portuguese history.

In 2011, UNESCO classified Fado as a Heritage of Humanity

Fado is the song that harnesses the Portuguese soul. Deep-seated feelings, disappointments in love, the sense of sadness and longingfor someone who has gone away, everyday events, the ups and downs of life -inspiration for Fado can come from almost any source.



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