Portugal has spas that you have to see to believe!
Azores Airlines receives its first Airbus A321neo

STOPOVER: Visit two destinations for the price of one with Azores Airlines


How many times have you visited a country and wanted to visit more than one city but the cost was a barrier? Now, with Azores Airlines’ new free stopover, you can choose two cities for the price of one.

Azores Airlines, with flight stop Portugal from Boston, a stopover comes at no extra costs it includes stopping in Azores in both ways — on your way to Lisbon or Porto. You can choose a stopover at no additional fee and you can stay up to seven nights. https://stopover.azoresairlines.pt/stopover

How does it work? Its simple; you can choose to visit the Azores and Lisbon, Azores and Madeira or the Azores and Porto. Where you go, its up to you. You just need to leave from Boston and embark on an adventure that will be unforgettable.

Coastal Azores

This will give you a chance to emerge into Azores breathtaking nature, to go whale watching, to hike, to eat the famous “cozido” while you contemplate your picturesque surroundings and some days later you can feel Lisbon’s vibrant history and culture, while you eat at a Michelin-star restaurant or at a tasca in the city center, while listening to fado.

Madeira and Porto also come as options in this stopover, both of them made for wine lovers. Madeira is best known for its natural beauty and great weather. Porto was chosen European Best Destination of 2017, for the third time, and it’s a city with warm people and great food.

Whichever destinations you pick, a warm welcome is waiting for you, the kind of welcome that makes people want to go back over and over again. Because knowing how to receive tourists is Portugal’s strong suit, it doesn’t matter the city or the island, you’ll feel at home.

Azores Airlines, part of the SATA Group, has connected New England with the Azores and mainland Portugal for more than 35 years. For more information about booking flights visit http://www.azoresairlines.pt or call 800-762-9995.


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