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New hotel in the shade Lisbon’s historic Fernandina Wall in Portugal

Lisbon’s new Corpo Santo Hotel is located in the historic part of the city that was once protected by a 14th century wall. And, in addition to welcoming quests the hotel serves another cause - excavations have revealed ruins from 700 years ago, and more than a thousand archaeological remains that will be shown in the lobby of the Corpo Santo Hotel in Lisbon.

Lisbon’s Fernandina Wall is a medieval defensive line. Construction of a series of walls began in 1373 in the reign of King D. Fernando I. Due to 1755 Lisbon earthquake, the wall mostly disappeared… until today….


There are two archaeologists in the team at Corpo Santo Lisbon Hotel. They are permanent employees like the receptionists, waiters or waitresses, but they have a very different job responsibly from the positions usually found in a hotel. They spend their time studying catalog pieces and accompany the final touches of the work that still remains underground.

The archaeological discovery, which today is a structuring part of the hotel, brought changes to the plans of the Manji family, the owners. New legal impositions were born, a great financial investment and even delays, however at the same time there is a moral obligation to explore and deepen the knowledge of the past.

After all, there was not only the wall; there were also ruins of an old tower, and signs of the Royal Palace. In addition, the work revealed more than a thousand archaeological pieces deposited in that land over the years and are now being analyzed.

The hotel has only been open for five months and is located near recovered wall, which is shown to guests upon check-in. Visitors might also enjoy the exhibitions with unique pieces of architecture found during the excavations.

The eyes of the past are not just on the hotel's underground floor. Of the five floors of rooms that Corpo Santo presents, each one has a different theme related to the Portuguese age Exploration - North Africa, Central Africa, Asia and South America - and in each of them there is a different scent that will help to “teleport” guests to these places, be it spices, cinnamon or flowers.


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