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Parks, Gardens, and Palaces Madeira – Pearl of the Atlantic - you in?

The semitropical Portuguese island of Madeira lies in the Atlantic Ocean, 750 milessouthwest of Lisbon.  This paradise‘s climate is always warm in winter, but never too hot in summer, and with usual abundance of sun. Madeira and itscapital of Funchal have been supplying visitors with botanical gardens,palaces, resorts and fascinating landscapes since it was discovered in 1420.  World-class hotels sit on blackcliffs, and casinos, nightclubs, and restaurants give any night potential to beexciting. Meanwhile, Madeira’s steep pitch gives the island six distinctclimate zones, based on altitude. This also means there is some worthwhilehiking, with trails that follow water channels (called "levadas") past waterfalls and spectacular views. 

  PANORAMIC VIEW OF SAO VICENTEPhoto credit to  Madeira Promotion Bureau (1)

Madeira’s Flower Festival -

Each April, Madeira’s flower festival fills the streets floats displayingthousands of flowers – they also offer “carpets” of flowers in the streets,concerts, and shows.


Quinta do Arco Rose Garden - Here visitors can see one of the largest collectionsof rosebushes in Portugal. The collection consists of more than 1,000 differenttypes of rose bushes. You can see old and modern garden, climbing andnon-climbing roses. The rarest and most important are marked with their namesand classes. 

-Madeira Botanical Garden -  More than 2,000 exotic plants from around the world. <

- Monte Palace Tropical Garden - Plantsfrom all over the world enrich this collection of more than 100,

- Orchid Garden - This Funchal garden hasmore than 50,000 plants, as well as an orchid   

- Palheiro Gardens - Some of the rarest andmost valuable exotic plants in the world.

- Quinta das Cruzes Garden - This Funchalgarden is in the park adjacent to the Quinta das Cruzes Museum and boasts awide range of local and exotic plants. This garden is also a historic sitedating to the 16th century.

- Quinta da Boa Vista Gardens - These areareas devoted to South American bromeliads, Australian martinetes and Africanaloes.  However, the main attraction isthe 20-year-old orchid exhibition. From December to May, the orchid houses arefull colors; Cymbidiums, Paphipedilums (slipper orchids) and Lycastes are allon show. For the rest of the year, there is a collection of hybrids and otherspecies to fascinate visitors.


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