Porto is the city that gave its name to Portugal
Experience the Easter holiday in Portugal, celebrating spring with family and friends. 

Saturday will see the epic Capítulo Perfeito powered by Reef surf competition at Portugal’s famed Nazaré

Nazaré, Portugal – The Capítulo Perfeito surf competition powered by  Reef kicks off this weekend, with an event that will gather some of the top surfers in world for a tube-riding competition at the famous Praia do Norte, in Nazaré, Portugal.

The competition will roll on Saturday, February 24th, with predictions of waves in the 6-7+ foot range and winds producing perfect tubes for the surfers.

Look for surfers Alex Botelho, Alex Gray, Anthony Silva, Anthony Walsh, Aritz Aranburu, Bruno Grilo, Bruno Santos, Cory Lopez, João Guedes, Kiron Jabour, Miguel Blanco, Nathan Florence, Nic von Rupp, Pedro Boonman, Pedro Vianna "Scooby" and Tiago Pires to ride the waves. The competition will start at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday. The tubes may prove to be long and epic –as this beach has quite a reputation.

1920px-Nazaré _Portugal_(Unsplash_7bt4ngmSu9Y)

"Rewarding the best tube set makes perfect sense to us because it's the way surfers use the tubes to be protected from the sun, "said Stela Lázaro, representative of market leader in the marketing of all kinds of sun protection. "It's with great enthusiasm that we support our new  national sport, especially with unique events such as Capítulo Perfeito, "he said.

Other special prizes include €500 offered by G-Shock for the best score and the ‘Ricardo dos Santos Attitude’ trophy for the surfer who shows the most commitment in the water.

In 2011, surfer Garrett McNamara made world headlines when he rode a record-breaking wave that was 78 feet high at Praia do Norte. Then in 2013, McNamara returned to the very same spot and surfed a wave that looked even taller. The huge breaking waves form over the underwater Nazaré Canyon. The canyon builds interference between incoming swells which amplifies the waves

The event will be broadcast live on the FUEL TV, as well as on www.capituloperfeito.com/live.


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