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Azores Airlines Vacations America offers a week in the Azores for $1,449 + tax and more included

The Azores Airlines Vacations America is offering round trip from Boston to Azores with a lot included. For $1,449 (plus taxes) the pack covers accommodation and daily breakfast. Travelers will get to spend 6 nights in the islands - 3 days in Terceira and 3 days in Sao Miguel.

Terceira's natural and cultural heritage are fun to explore. From its churches to its fortresses and the architecture of its central city, Angra do Heroismo, its monuments are recognized under UNESCO's World Heritage sights.


Sao Miguel, on the other hand, is the largest and most populated of the 9 islands. Its natural mystique starts in the Terra Nostra Natural Park and goes through its bright lagoons, trail treks, volcanic sights and biodiversity. Gorreana tea plantation and the Furnas lagoon hot streams are some of the things not to miss. 

The trip package includes one full day tour in each one of these islands with lunch included. Air transfers, hotel and daily breakfast are also covered.

Until May 25th you can book this package and fly either from September 5th to 12th or from September 19th to 26th, which is one of the best seasons to explore Azores. So hurry!


Azores Airlines, part of the SATA Group, has connected New England with the Azores and mainland Portugal for more than 35 years. For more information about booking flights visit http://www.azoresairlines.pt/usa or call 800-762-9995.

This is also an opportunity to travel with Azores Airlines that for more than 35 years connects the USA to the archipelago. The schedule for the week is on Azores Airlines Vacations America, that looks to provide the best experiences for visitors going to the island they're named after. 


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