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Portugal voted the most welcoming country by ex-pats

InterNations’s annual Expat Insider Survey named Portugal as this year’s favorite second home.

Each year, the InterNations, the biggest platform in the world to connect people living and working abroad, surveys which are the best destinations for expatriates to live and work. Portugal, which was in 9th place just two years ago, is now on the top of the list followed by Taiwan and Mexico.

The survey is based on data on the friendly attitude of locals towards foreigners, the chances of the expats to live in the country their whole life and the ease of making local friends together with the living cost and safety in the country. Almost every expatriate living in Portugal (94%) says they feel welcomed by local population and has many Portuguese locals in their circle of friends.

The survey reached around 13,000 expats living in 188 different countries to get the world’s top 10 most welcoming nations.

The climate, the cuisine, the relatively cheap cost of living compared to the rest of Europe and its great landscapes, from beaches to mountains, are also some of the reasons attracting foreigners to Portugal. The quality of life in this peaceful country makes 47% of those surveyed consider moving definitely to Portugal.


?bidos  - T09ARH4L - Photo credit to Jose Manuel

About InterNations

Founded in 2007, InterNations is a website to connect people living abroad around the globe. Connecting expatriates, this platform allows foreigners to exchange information, experiences and knowledge to improve their settling abroad. The Expat Insider Survey, that uses this platform to gather first hand opinions on the experience of expatriates, it's an annual report and this is its fourth edition.


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We have recently visited Lisabon and enjoyed every bit of it. Getting lost in narrow alley's and enjoying the beautiful weather and food.
One thing I need to add was that our first impression on arrival at the apartment we have booked was very disappointing.
Centre of Lisabon Rua Santo Antonio dos Capuchos no 2.
This we booked through booking.com and up to this day we are unable to communicate with the property owner who has promised us the refund for not delivering what we have booked.
We had to find other accommodation arrangements and cost us double the amount as we were stranded at 21:00hrs in the middle of Lisabon.
I would like to warn other Tourists of this property as booking.com is not allowing us to write a negative comment on their website.
For us the money was lost, so hopefully people will read this and not make the same mistake.
Please be warned. Portuguese people are very beautiful and helpful.
However, the owner of this property was from Brazil and she wasn't even present on our arrival, but got a so called "friend" to tell us the room we have booked its not available

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