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Portugal launches new platform to attract investment in history and the future

The Turismo de Portugal has launched ‘Invest in Portugal’, a new website designed to help investors find opportunities in Portugal. The site

Feature real estate and other potential in the country where the tourism sector is growing by double digits. The numbers, featured in the webpage, show the growth the country has achieved in the recent years and the many business opportunities currently available.

A direct phone hotline was built along with the website to allow entrepreneurs to reach out for support. A set of incentives and grants are available and special credit conditions are offer to facilitate doing business in Portugal.

Turismo de Portugal highlights the strategic position of Portugal in the EU market and the value of the Portuguese language to access markets within the Portuguese-speaking world. The projections are that by the end of the year, the country will have a 2.2% GDP growth, with 1.8% of it coming from the tourism sector.

The new webpage highlights a number of historic buildings that, throughout the country, are open to investment. Some of them are monuments, and the goal is to renovate them and turn it into tourism facilities such as hotels, spas, eateries and meeting facilities.

The receipts of the tourism business have grown from 5.7 billion euros in 2000 to 15.2 billions last year. Portugal has been gaining recognition as the hot destination in Europe for visitors, having been nominated by the World Travel Awards as the World’s Leading Destination last year.

Turismo de Portugal was also recognized as the World’s Leading Tourist Board and Portugal is among the top world countries where is easy to do business.  

A friendly country for expats, with a secure environment, great cuisine, a lovely coast and amazing islands in the Atlantic, Portugal is not only the place to be, but to invest in.   IMG_1004a


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