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April 15, 2018 - April 21, 2018

This is the first time that Portugal is hosting the Eurovision Song Contest. Starting on May 8 in Lisbon, the festival that was a phenomenon on its early years in the country recovered its fame throughout the country that had already give up hopes of a victory. Read more →

A Train from 1890 that hosted Kings, Presidents, Heads of State and even Popes is now open to run again. The Presidential train was recovered in 2010 to recreate its classical and luxurious identity. Back to railways of the Douro shores, it now hosts chefs to provide a gourmet experience on board, mixing senses and flavors in a moving Historical piece. Read more →

Azores Airlines Vacations America is offering a round trip to Azores with a lot included in a $1,449 (plus taxes) package. The flights are from Boston and travelers can book it online until May 25th. The trips will happen in September and travelers get to spend 3 days in Terceira and 3 days in Sao Miguel. Read more →

The Pilar 7 Experience provides its visitors with a privileged view over the city while taking a tour on this structure's history. Built on 1966 to connect Lisbon to Almada, south Tejo, the bridge was re-baptized as 25 de Abril bridge to celebrate the regime change and now one of its pillars serve as an interactive center in the Lisbon side of the river. Read more →