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May 27, 2018 - June 2, 2018

In the summertime the Portuguese beach sellers spread the word on the send while carrying their bags full of treats: bolas de berlim, línguas da sogra and bolacha americana. It's a Portuguese habit to have the creamy berliners by the sun and to call the vanilla rolls "língua da sogra" as for Mother in law tongues Read more →

Sao Bento Station, that opened in 1896 and remains one of the busiest stations in Northern Portugal, and the former REFER offices (Railway Authority) are a new hostel. 'The Passenger' can host up to 120 visitors and keeps the old moth of the building, constructed in 1916 next to the station. With an upcoming restaurant and a vintage style, the hostel offers a privileged view to the railways from above. Read more →