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January 21, 2018 - January 27, 2018

Summer in Portugal is marked by two great street foods--popcorn and fried dough. Rest assured these items are a bit different than you might experience at a typical American fair. Pipocas, or popcorn, is usually very colorful with red, blue or bright yellow kernels. Pipocas is served lightly coated with a salty-sugary glaze that hardens. It is quite addictive, especially since you can find it everywhere and it is quite inexpensive. Another ever-present treat is farturas or malassadas, a fried dough that ends up being rather crisp but not oily. High quality oil and excellent dough make the treat stand out from what you might expect of fried dough at an American carnival. Look for it in most any seaside resort town, city square or fair in Portugal. Read more →