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Easter in Portugal is about century old traditions and religious processions during Holy Week. Many festivities are held throughout the country, but the celebrations in Braga and Castelo de Vide are particularly moving and a “must see” due to their uniqueness. Read more →

A new hotel in Lisbon, O Artista, celebrates a former owner, the great Vasco Santana. A household name - Vasco Santana was a legend of the stage and screen. Born in Benfica in Lisbon in 1898, Vasco Santana remains a beloved star more than a half century after his death. He was a brilliant actor and comedian. His presence in films launched the romantic comedy in Portugal, and the Golden Age of Portuguese film. Read more →

The hills and walls of Belmonte, Portugal, were once home to Romans, a secret Jewish community and the explorer who first sighted Brazil. From June 29 to July 7, 2019, they will play host to dozens of cyclists as part of European Cycle Tourism Week, a Europe-wide event organized by the European Union of Cycle Touring UECT. Read more →

If you go to Spain, you dine on Tapas, in France you have fine sauces, and in Italy, pasta… So what to eat in Portugal? Sardines! Grilled sardines are very Portuguese – and while many fish swim under the name “sardine,” Portuguese sardines are oily, grilled and delicious, served with potatoes, olive oil and green peppers. Just DON’T get them for dinner (big no-no), or order them with white wine – this is red wine only meal! Read more →

According to Diário de Notícias the ruined house that inspired "Santa Maria de Craquede" in Eça de Queiroz's A Cidade e as Serras is for sale. The  Torre da Lagariça was built as Portugal was emerging  a nation in the 12th century as a military tower. By the the seventeenth century an L-shaped house was added, not altered the old tower.The writer Eça de Queirós visited the house in the village of São Cipriano, in Resende, and was inspired to write The Illustrious House of Ramires. Read more →