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There is good news on Madeira - including lots of new hotels

The Madeira Islands, an archipelago 750 miles southwest of Lisbon in the Atlantic Ocean, has a nearly perfect climate—warm in winter and never too hot in summer.

Ancient volcanic cliffs that rise dramatically from the sea dominate Madeira’s fascinating landscape. When Portuguese explorers came upon the Island of Madeira in 1420, they thought its dark cliffs signaled the gates of hell. Nothing could have been further from the truth. The steep rise creates six unique climate zones, each with its own beautiful flora and fauna that contribute to comparisons of Madeira with Hawaii. 4_3-Rabacal_gr by Marcial Fernandes

Opening in June, 2019, the Savoy Palace is a five star resort with a combination of classic and modern. There will be 557 rooms, five restaurants, six bars and an amazing spa. The Turin group is remodeling a midcentury hotel that opened in 1964, the Turim Santa Maria will be a four star with 100 rooms in Funchal.

The Pestana Group has 2 new hotels to open by mid-year: the Pestana Quinta do Arco and the Pestana Churchill Bay, both with four stars. The first one, located in Arco de São Jorge, will have 56 rooms and will be focused on nature, and Pestana Churchill Bay will be the first hotel to be built in the historic seaside of Câmara de Lobos and will have 51 rooms.

The new Caju Design Hotel is in the building where the island's first supermarket operated and will feature 26 rooms, a gourmet restaurant and grocery store, in the heart of Funchal.

Madeiran chef, Octávio Freitas is planning to open Socalco - Calheta, the will have 20 rooms.

The Octávio Freitas project will combine rural tourism, cuisine and a farming. The construction of the Socalco Inn- Calheta  will be based on a house from 1685, where the main hotel features and two suites will be concentrated. The house will offer a dining area as well as a restaurant. Guest can choose to get their “hands in the cake" at the new inn, either in a cooking class with a chef, culinary tours, wine journeys, or farm tasks such as preparing jams or making bread. And, the inn will only focus on regional products and Madeira comfort food.


Located on a high point, with a sweeping view of the surrounding landscape, the hotel will have an open-air patio facing Calheta Beach, one of the two yellow sand beaches on the island. In the courtyard there will be a swimming pool with sea views and on the surrounding terraces will be 20 rooms, equipped with kitchen and dining area, perfectly framed in the surrounding landscape.


Cliff Bay’s new five-star is accepting reservations now for stays beginning in May, 2019.Flanked by two centuries-old homes, the complex of 23 luxury suites will be located atop a unique promontory with ocean and garden views, and a total area of 7,200 square yards. It offers wide balconies, an infinity pool, Avista restaurant, and bar and terraces surrounded by gardens, and all very close to the Atlantic. In short . .. an idyllic, location with access to all of the facilities of the Cliff Bay.



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