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Set just 2,000 miles east of Boston, The Azores are, without question, some of the most beautiful islands in the world… and yet they remain off the radar. The Azores’ year-round mild climate gives these Atlantic islands a fresh, spring like quality no matter when you visit. No matter what the weather back home, it’s always between 58 and 74 degrees F in the Azores. Summer arrives in June and often stays until December. The lava-rich soils, fed by volcano eruptions of the past, nurture more than 1,200 species of plants, flowers and trees. The landscape varies from open fields lined with country roads to tiny towns perched on oceanfront cliffs. Read more →

So many people are looking for something beyond a hotel - and in Portugal, a land of nearly 900 years of history, you can have some fun choices! Here is a list of some of our favorite inns, set in the ruins of ancient villages - ready to give you a memorable, fun and authentic experience! Read more →

The Mayors’ Forum, organized by Portuguese government agencies, City of Lisbon and the Portuguese National Tourist Office was entitled "Cities for All: Building Cities for Residents and Visitors," and addressed the challenges presented by the growing the number of tourists worldwide. Read more →

If you are going to Portugal, you should fly to Lisbon? Well, no. Lisbon is the destination for the majority of flights from the US, but it is one of three-airports that have non-stop service to the US. Porto and Ponta Delgada (Azores) both get flights from the New York area, and there is year-round service to Ponta Delgada from Boston. Read more →