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The Healing Benefits of Travel

Free from the constraints of everyday life, traveling often allows you to be your best self. It can mean escaping from reality, holing up from the outside world and finding some much-needed peace and quiet, or wandering through the great unknown in search of a clean slate and new perspective. Either way, there’s nothing that will set straight a person’s priorities like leaving the nest for a while.


Traveling has also proven to result in numerous mental health benefits including reduced stress, anxiety, and depression. “Meeting new people, seeing great art, hiking through magnificent landscapes and realizing you’re strong enough to get through the challenges that arise on the road can all offer positive effects that last well beyond the span of your trip,” says Smarter Travel.Those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities are ripe for the taking, and by checking something off of your bucket list, you’ll find yourself reconnecting with the outside world.


Timing and costs


Whether the tourist in you wants to travel or you are looking for a reprieve, it’s important that you take the time to choose the right place for your vacation. However, before you decide where you’ll be spending your time off, you’ll need to also craft a budget so you’re not worrying about your finances and trying to relax at the same time. Consider the timing, as traveling in the off-season or on weekdays is a lot cheaperthan say a summer weekend. If you can’t avoid the spring and summer months and still want to spend less, find a place off the beaten path and therefore less overwhelmed with tourists. Chances are, this will be a place where you are more able to kick off your shoes and relax anyway.


Expanding your horizons


Additionally, while traveling domestically certainly comes with its perks, as you won’t encounter a language barrier or currency changes, international exploration offers up new and bountiful experiences. So make the most of your time off by immersing yourself in the culture, social norms, and customs of whatever place you visit. Even if you don’t go far, it’s important that you leave your own space and unplug in an effort to gain a fresh mindset and get in touch with yourself.


This is especially true if you’re going through addiction recovery, as when you’re in the middle of a crisis, it can be hard to see yourself out of it. Getting some much-needed distance by flying the coop gives you the opportunity to return to life re-energized and with a new outlook on the challenges that lie ahead. Be present and practice mindfulness during your trip. Traveling has long been thought of as an antidote for those coping with loss and other life changes. Let a new place inspire you to grow as a person, stay sober, or seek new relationships.


Fear of flying


The journey itself can also be beneficial if you prepare well for it. Heading to your destination can be stressful, and this is especially true for those who have a fear of flying. But there are plenty of ways to make you less anxious and enjoy the ride. Stay occupied with a book or movie, or listen to calming music. Take CBD oil, which has the research-backed benefit of easing anxiety. If you wish to try this product, talk to your doctor and research the CBD oil market  before you decide on one.


Sometimes you just need a break. So don’t guilt-trip yourself for taking the time off. You’ve earned your vacation days, and using them for travel is an expense well worth it. The experiences you’ll have pale in comparison to material objects, and chances are you will return a more productive, grateful, and creative person. Sometimes, all one needs is a little fresh, open air to physically, emotionally, and spiritually heal.



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A very well written article. An easy way to get people off the couch and explore their world with your insightful guidance!

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