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Scenic Portugal: Best ways to explore the Douro River

By road or by rail, Portugal is yours to discover


Douro by rail or by road.  Take the train and discover the Douro River Valley at your own pace. Or, drive and you can pick the country’s fabulous landscapes to discover. Just imagine riding on a steam train that’s been running for over a hundred years. And then add this to the beautiful scenery of the Douro River Valley.   Or, get off the beaten path and see the many roads that lead to your next adventure.

Douro river by António Sacchetti - T09AZH42

Douro by car:  Layered landscapes of vines, historic peaceful towns and castles of days past are all part of your drive along the Douro River Valley. You’ll be traveling up hill and down dale, along narrow,winding roads. But you’ll find that it is well worth the effort when you discover everything that the Douro has to offer you.  Follow the mainroad, beginning in Peso da Régua and driving across the hills above the Douro. From the viewpoint of São Leonardo, you can see the river valley and the mountains of the Serra do Marão, all in just one frame.  At Casal de Loivos, you find a naturally formed balcony overlooking Pinhão and the open, curved valley of the River Douro. Rest for the night in an ancient manor-house and wake up to the beautiful view. Cross over the River Tua, a tributary of the Douro, visit Torre de Moncorvo and continue on to a very special part of the Douro, Barca d’Alva. One of the best Portuguese wines is produced here. Very close by is the Foz Coa Archaeological Park, an outdoor gallery of prehistoric rock art, which has been classified as World Heritage.  You have almost reached the far end of Portugal.

Douro by train: Relive the early 20th Century pastime of exploring the Douro River Valley by rail on CP. The real stars of a historic train ride through the Douro River Valley are the carriages and the steam and diesel locomotives that pull them. Traveling at 18 miles an hour, these trains evoke a time when they were the only land connection between wine producing villages and the outside world. Follow the course of the river by traveling along the Linha do Douro. The railway line from Porto to Pocinho is a remarkable feat of engineering, overcoming the various natural obstacles with the help of 26 tunnels and 30 bridges. The result is an unforgettable journey through scenery of great beauty. Or you can combine your train ride with the program of local boat rides. 

Douro on foot: And there are lots of great ways to explore the Douro on foot - with spectacular views as you hike from village to village along one of the most beautiful rivers in the world!




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