United States and Portugal launch a new 12-month program allowing US citizens to study, work and travel in Portugal
Camões’ tomb is empty. The myth of “the Age of Discovery.”

So you want to be Portuguese: Take the "official" citizenship quiz and see if you pass!

Ah, Portugal - warm, safe, and wonderful! In fact in 2019 more foreigners applied for residency than in any year since they started keeping records. But can you pass the citizenship test? From the list of 30 below, you could face 10 questions - and being able to get the answers right is crucial for you to be a son or daughter of the Republic. Think you are ready? Try your luck on our "So you want to be a Portuguese" test:





  • What is the longest river that begins and ends in Portugal?


  • Historically speaking, how many provinces were there on Mainland Portugal?


  • Who calls whom “Mouros?”





  • At what legendary battle was D.Afonso Henriques victorious over 5 Moorish kings?






  • Name 3 cities that have served as the capital of Portugal.



  • Who will guide us to victory?






  • Name the most famous fadista of the 19th century.


  • How many flavors does Sumol come in?























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Gees been living here for a year and the only question I know is the Sumol one 🤣🤣🤣

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