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Visit Madeira launches a social media campaign to appeal to all to stay home- Later, the destination of Madeira awaits everyone

Madeira, Portugal --“Stay home now. Dream online. Visit us later! ” it is the theme of the most recent campaign from Visit Madeira. Launched on social media, the appeal is for travelers to stay at home, but while keeping in mind the levadas hikes, the cloud forests, the volcanic landscapes and the seascapes of ​​the “World’s Best Island Destination”.

“The Atlantic inspires us. It is the same that brings us closer. For now, just browse online. Discover the experiences, click, and dream. There is so much to do later. With more emotion, with more beauty, with more nature. Don't stop dreaming but stay home now. ”These are some of the messages, which aim to stress the importance of staying at home, now, to meet again later and fully enjoy all the unforgettable experiences that the destination has to offer.

In the current scenario that the world is going through, physical borders have been closed, but digital borders are still open and ready to make us dream of better days. Click. Follow the levada and discover a waterfall hidden in nature. Click. Dive into the warm sea. Click. Enter the typical straw roofed houses of Santana. Click. Click. Click.

“Staying at home means protecting your people, populations and destinations. As difficult as this measure can be for a destination, it is our obligation, it is our responsibility, to appeal to civic responsibility, but also to recognize that isolation is against nature, that the relationships, affections and experiences are very important for the human being. So, it is important to give people hope and allow them to continue to dream. This is what we want to give back to people, hope, the possibility of continuing to dream… online… with Madeira!”

This communication follows the State of Alert decreed by the Regional Government of Madeira, which restricts the entry of visitors to the Island. The measure aims to guarantee the safety of inhabitants and guests, in order to overcome the delicate moment that the world is going through with the Covid-19 outbreak and ensure that Madeira remains a unique destination in the future. Aimed at world-wide markets, the campaign will be available on the online platforms from Visit Madeira and will be accompanied with a video, available in Portuguese and English.

Discover everything at @visitmadeira and @madeiraallyear!

Vídeo: http://bit.do/fFt7h    


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