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On this day in 1974 the people of Portugal took the future in their own hands and earned their freedom. It called for tremendous sacrifices and courage. And it highlighted the nature oof the national character. We take this day, and in the sprit of April 25, 1974, to rededicate this site to the people of Portugal. We will share with you their struggles, and their efforts to welcome you again to our wonderful country. We will update you on new initiatives, changes, and ideas. We will share honest perspectives of what is going on, and how you can plan to experience Portugal again soon. Please follow and share our content, and stand with Portugal. It will be there for you! Read more →

Madeira has launched a new phase of their “Stay Home Now. Dream Online. Visit Us Later!” campaign. Reaching out to those who have remained at home for the time being and offering them a little escape. The outreach focuses on “online dreaming,” helping travelers to explore the destination through 20 special experiences on the island, that can be accessed through digital platforms. The message is that Madeira awaits, the beautiful island in the Atlantic looks forward to welcoming visitors old and new. Read more →

For almost nine centuries the sun has risen over Portugal. From October 5th, 1143 – Portugal has been an independent nation – looking out on an endless sea. We know these are difficult times for everyone. And, we know that a better day will come. We have a saying, that even the sun returns each morning. So, to help we have taken an inventory of virtual travel videos on Portugal- from riding a trolley, to exploring the Azores, to climbing to a castle, to visiting a museum: A few of our favorite things to do in Portugal – and a fun way to dream until the sun comes up again. Read more →

Fado is the most Portuguese of songs, and often the most misunderstood. Visitors think it is a sad song, but that is a half truth. In fact, Fado can be sad and nostalgic, and that is cathartic to the listener. Fado is a purge of strong emotions. And, so in that spirit, we look into the soul of this ancient musical form, and find the 5 most mournful of Fados. Read more →

Portugal sits on the Western edge of Europe, and has had humans living in its valleys and shores for 400,000 years. From the prehistoric to Art Deco, Portugal has all kinds of monuments to explore. The Roman and Moors both ruled ancient Portugal for centuries – their touch is unmistaken. But what about other ancient people who came, and saw, and conquered? Their presence is a bit harder to find, but excavations and discoveries in recent decades have cast more light on the ancient invaders of Portugal. Read more →