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Update - Tourism in Portugal (II)

As temperatures are rising in the warm Portuguese sun, the second phase of re-opening in Portugal is underway. If the first phase - began on May 4th - allowed small shops, hairdressers, and libraries to open, two weeks later and with no significant increase of infected cases, this next phase will authorize restaurants, cafés, schools, and museums to serve the public as well. 


This is a challenging period since locals like to enjoy the summer weather outdoors at restaurants and beaches, but now with social distancing. However, people are well aware that there are still precautions to take and that they will look at the Summer of 2020 as a “different one.”


Bárbara Cunha



The Road Ahead


Restrictions are easing down and the Portuguese are more and more adopting a self-reliant state. State guidelines are in place to the end of May and if numbers don’t sharply rise, a third phase of opening measures will begin in June. For now, this is the situation:



To support the local economy and to boost the mental wellbeing of citizens, the Portuguese Prime Minister, António Costa, asked the Portuguese people to return to the streets, visit shops, restaurants and cafés, although with caution, with the same conviction with which he asked them to stay at home due to Covid-19.



The biggest challenge - we predict - will be going to the beach. The government recently declared the rules of social distancing at the beach for this so-desired pastime to be possible during Summertime. So, from the 6th of July on, people will be allowed to lay their towels in the sand and enjoy the sun with a few restrictions. A mandatory distance of 1.5 meters (5 feet) between groups and a traffic sign at the entrance of the beach indicating how full the beach is will be some of the adopted measures in every beach from North to South of the country.


So, Are Folks Still Flying to Portugal this Summer?


If you followed our last Update about Tourism in Portugal you could already see some innovative measure adopted by Portugal, just like the “Clean & Safe” stamp for restaurants and hotels, or how regions like the Algarve are determined in making the most out of the Summer season with health and safety measures for its clients.

But right now, with things slowly going back to - a new - normal and companies starting to see the economic impact of Covid-19, new improvements must be done. This is the case of Turismo dos Açores that is financing Ryanair with 1.1M€ to promote the region in the UK’ market. 



On the other hand, 46 travel bloggers will help relaunch tourism in Portugal by visiting several regions around the country and by producing new content, revealing historic, cultural, natural, architectural, or culinary attractions.


Also, regarding the possible upcoming trend of rural tourism - with visitors trying to avoid big cities and massive crowds - Turismo de Portugal has launched the campaign “Wine Pairs with Portugal” to support the Portuguese Wine Tourism - in which relates how the Portuguese wine pairs well with adventure, art, music, wellness, and discovery, showing some beautiful rural scenarios of Portugal.



Portuguese restaurants are now allowed to open not only for takeout but also to have clients dine in. And are going above and beyond to keep guests safe. In Lisbon, the Mayor announced that as a sign of support, the installation of outdoor terraces will be exempted from fees until the end of the year. Since restaurants will have to reduce the number of tables to keep the safety distance between clients, the ease of opening terraces will create greater spacing and the possibility of having a more traditional business.



In the Algarve, golf courses, restaurants, marinas, and car rental businesses are already open with strict health protocols, as are more than a third of the region’s hotels. To foster the security and confidence of the Algarve destination in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, The Algarve Tourism Region released a guide aimed at tour operators with recommendations, as well as cleaning and hygiene procedures, training of employees and information to be made available to tourists and visitors.



The Portuguese airline TAP is already scheduling the first flights of the company for the next couple of months, including flights to the US on the list.




See more at: https://www.azores-adventures.com


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