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The Salt Pans of Castro Marim makes you feel like you’re swimming in the Dead Sea 

Salina-castro-marim-1 (1)

The Saline of Barquinha allows you the unique experience of floating in the waters of Castro Marim.

Portugal has two salt pools that are open to the public, in a total of five sets of salt pans around the country - according to the Directorate-General for Natural Resources, Safety and Maritime Services (DGRM).

In the Saline of Barquinha in Castro Marim - in the Algarve - salt has been produced for almost two thousand years from the water of the estuary of the Guadiana River. 

In Castro Marim you can take a salt bath and float in a pool with 250 grams of salt per liter. The Saline of Barquinha can be visited from Wednesday to Sunday, between 10am to 6pm. 

“To use the salt pool - open from mid-November to early April - you don’t need to pre-book. Tickets are 6€ for adults and 3€ for kids below 14 years old. You can also choose to have a bath and a clay treatment for 12€”, says NiT (a Portuguese lifestyle magazine). 

Besides the mineral baths, there are also guided tours to the salt works. This one-hour activity costs 10€ for adults and 5€ for children under 14 in groups of less than four people. For larger groups, prices decrease to 6€ and 3€, respectively. 


Aveiro also has salt works too

In the Ria de Aveiro you can find the salt works of Aveiro, which gathers freshwater from the rivers Vouga and Antuã and saltwater from the ocean.

The salt pans of Aveiro are open to the public from June 15th to September 15th for the “Salt Baths”. “The activity takes place in a pool made out of the mud that comes from the sea waters”, explains New in Town (NiT).

According to NiT, the water is extremely saline, which makes it possible to float in an experience described by many as similar to the Dead Sea’s and contains nutrients and minerals in the water and mud that are beneficial for the blood circulation and skin hydration. 

The pool is open to the public from 10am to 7pm, depending on the weather, with salty baths costing 4€ per person for a whole day. The salt pans are open every day from March to October. In winter it closes on Mondays.


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