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So, when traveling to Madeira, it is important not to forget to pack hiking shoes and gear, to explore this and many other levada trails that can’t be found anywhere else. Bringing a swimsuit or not is debatable, because although the waters of the lagoons and gorges look Caribbean blue, they are very cold.  Read more →

Life moves at a different pace in the Alentejo. Days are sunny - but never dull. From the north in the Ribatejo area to the very south of Lower Alentejo the diversity of landscapes and culture makes for a wide offering of adventures. Visitors won’t only unwrap the history of the region, but also enjoy nature and so many open-air activities in this unique place with mild winters. Read more →

Luxury, traction and history, the new Hotel República has opened in the center of Tomar. The five-star hotel just opened in the Praça da República. The new  Tomar hotel is an investment of two and a half million euros. The Hotel República has nineteen rooms, two of which are suites, and a restaurant called "Praça" that opens to a historic square. The hotel is flanked by a monumental church and medieval city hall. Read more →