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The best Portuguese city you have never been to....

Unique Museums, an artistic and historic sojourn through Portugal


Portugal has topped many cultural hot list recently, and it is no surprise. Portugal was one of Artisans of Leisure's mostfrequently booked destinations in Europe.  In addition to two key reasons--great value and an increasing number of luxury hotel options--are Portugal's impressive culture, incredibly rich history, excellent food andwine, high-quality traditional crafts, and great modern design. Add to that newand renovated venues and you have news that is fit to frame.


Nationalsport Museum in Lisbon 
The Palácio Foz in the heart of Lisbon ishome to Portugal’s new Museum of Sport – dedicated to sports heritage throughpreservation, documentation and communication. 


Lisbon Story Center in Lisbon

Terrier do Paço now has a new attraction: the Lisboa Story Centre – Memories da Cidade (Memories of the City), an interpretation centre dedicated to the history of the Portuguese capital.



Bank of Portugal -Museum of Money 

Where strong rooms full of money once sat now emerges what remains of an ancient altar. Where cars parked previously, emerges the ruins of a temple. The  Bank of Portugal has completed the renovation of the São Julião Church in Lisbon. The building, which served as a Unknown-2
warehouse for years for the Bank of Portugal- The main entrance has long golden artwork infabric (as the side panels in old chapels).


A museum  dedicated to honey 

The first museum in the country dedicated to honey, the Museum of Beekeeping and Honey  in Macedo de Cavaleiros. Tras-os-Montes is one of several regions of the country which produces honey DOP (with protected designation of origin). 


The New Coach Museum in Lisbon displays a significant portion of the Portuguese coach collection (the largest in the world). 




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