Portugal has amazing coffee, and it is part of the love
If you don't love the Fado, then don't go to Portugal

The official fish of summer in Portugal is... the sardine!

To most North Americans the sardine is a little fish that comes in a can. To the Portuguese, the "sardinha" is THE flavor of summer. From north to south, Portuguese relish the smell of fresh-grilled sardines. So, what is the difference? In the summer 6- to 8-inch sardines are caught in Portugal territorial waters--from the mainland to Madeira, to the Azores, and back.

These tasty, oily fish are totally different from their cool canned cousins. Grilled with a dash of course salt (Portugal produces some of the best salt in the world, but that's a tale for another day), they are served by the dozen, often with a side of boiled round potato in their skins, smashed, grilled and seasoned green peppers, a fresh salad, and virgin olive oil.  (The Portuguese use a high quality olive oil much like Americans use ketchup.) Accompany this with a jar of local red wine and you have a "sardinhada" !


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