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Where to go now? Portugal!

Travel Update: Portugal To Remain Open to American Travelers

The Portuguese Government yesterday announced that travel to and from the United States is still allowed.  The statement by the Ministries of Health, Internal Administration, Foreign Affairs, Defense, Infrastructure and Housing was made on Tuesday in an official dispatch by the Portuguese Government, according to VisitAlentejo. This comes just 1 day after the European Union recommended that member states reimplement travel restrictions on US travelers. That suggestion was based on rising Delta variant numbers in the US.


The only policy change under the statement is that all US visitors must now present an official vaccination card, showing that they have been fully vaccinated at least 14 days before their arrival in Portugal with a vaccine recognized by the European Union. Children under 12 are exempted.


The ruling comes as Portugal has fully vaccinated more than 72% of its population, with 83% having had at least one injection. The goal is to have 85% of the nation vaccinated, allowing for a roll back of restrictions in October. Currently, hotels and restaurants require proof of vaccination, or a rapid test. Masks are still required in many places. As the vaccination rate soars, Portugal is on track to relax most restrictions this fall. Portugal has become a popular destination with Americans, seeing a record 1 million American visitors in 2019.


Portugal’s travel industry worked with the government to put safety measures in place. Rated one of the top 15 healthcare systems in the world, Portugal’s planning, infrastructure and logistics helped it get through 2020.


One Portuguese region is poised to be the destination of choice to those who want to get away to a worry free vacation. The Alentejo is a mystical place of gliding plains, rising mountains, and the largest cork forests in the world. The Alentejo’s Cork Country is a sparsely populated region with open horizons where the rhythm of life follows the rhythm of regional songs. And this fertile land produces more than half of the world's total cork supply. Today, the Alentejo remains rural and natural with thousands of miles of cork forest and a variety of wildlife. Its large towns are living museums, still in their ancient walls, with a sense of timelessness that is increasingly difficult to find elsewhere. 



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