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The music of Portugal? Pimba!

What is the music of Portugal? Is it Fado, or folklore, or choral singing? Nope. The music of the people has to be Pimba - a mainstay of summer festivals.

"Pimba" is  a genre of popular music that is known for catchy, simple melodies, humorous or light-hearted lyrics, and danceable rhythms. Pimba music is typically associated with summer songs that are meant to be fun and easy to enjoy, and it often includes elements of folk, pop, and sometimes even traditional Portuguese music.

The term "pimba" itself is somewhat colloquial and might not have a direct English translation, but it's often used to describe something that is kitschy, cheesy, or overly simplistic. In the context of music, Pimba songs might have lyrics that can even be a bit crude at times.

Pimba music has gained popularity particularly in festivals, parties, and local gatherings. Some artists who are associated with the Pimba genre include Quim Barreiros and Ágata. These artists often perform at local events and gatherings, and their music is designed to get people dancing and having a good time.


A few classics include:


Pimba music's rise to popularity in Portugal is as easy as its toe tapping sounds:

Simplicity and Catchiness: Pimba songs typically feature simple and catchy melodies that are easy to sing along to and remember as they repeat the lyrics (a lot). 

Relatable and Light-hearted Lyrics: The lyrics of Pimba songs often touch on everyday life, relationships, and humorous situations that most folks can relate to. 

Entertainment Value: Pimba music is designed to be entertaining and fun. The catchy earworm rhythms and danceable tunes encourage people to let loose and enjoy themselves, whether it's at a party, festival, or sardine fest.

Cultural Identity: Pimba music sometimes incorporates elements of traditional Portuguese music, which can evoke a sense of cultural identity and nostalgia. And lots of accordian It provides a modern twist on familiar sounds and themes, appealing to a sense of common heritage.

Escape and Light-heartedness: In a world often filled with complex issues and challenges, Pimba music offers an escape into something light-hearted and carefree. 

While Pimba music might not resonate with everyone, its popularity can be attributed to its ability to provide simple, enjoyable entertainment that appeals to a specific segment of the population. Do you like it?


We all have certain holes in our heads,
All in their proper place.
If God gave us these holes,
Alas, we have to estimate.

We holes all of us have no body,
All in their proper place.
If God gave us these holes,
We have to get them working.

We are all equal,
And without holes there is no one.
When you die friend,
To the hole you go too.

The eyes are for seeing,
The nose to breathe,
mouth to eat
Ears to listen,
And the rest of the holes,
I don't say, I'm ashamed.


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