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Please don't order an Italian coffee in Portugal

It is true that Portuguese comes from Latin. But, Portuguese coffees don't come from Italy, so take the time to enjoy Portuguese coffees. Why? Italian coffee culture and Portuguese coffee culture differ significantly. Italy is known for its strong and short espresso shots, while Portugal is known for its milder and creamy coffees. Ordering an Italian-style coffee in Portugal might result in receiving a small and intense espresso instead of the larger and less concentrated coffee you might expect.

If you order a latte in Portugal, there's a chance that the café or server might not fully understand what you're looking for. Coffee terminology can vary from country to country, and you might end up with something different from what you intended. And if you would not expect good New York style pizza in Chicago, why expect a good latte in Braga?


At root is that both Italy and Portugal have their own unique coffee blends and traditions. Italy is famous for its meticulous approach to bring a somewhat bitter and sometimes frothy coffee, while Portugal takes pride in its local coffee blends like "meia de Leite." Ordering an Italian coffee might not give you the same quality or taste experience you'd get in Italy or even in local Portuguese cafes due to beans and equipment.

We all know that when you travel, embracing the local culture, including its food and beverage traditions, can be a rewarding experience. Ordering a local coffee in Portugal can help you better appreciate the country's coffee culture and contribute to a more authentic experience.

If you're looking for a coffee experience in Portugal, consider trying the local varieties like "café" or in Lisboa"bica" (an espresso-like coffee) or "galão" (a milky morning coffee). If you're specifically craving an Italian-style coffee, it might be worth seeking out cafes or specialty coffee shops that cater to that taste profile, but be prepared for potential differences from what you'd find in Italy.


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