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Darrell Kastin, an American writer of Azorean heritage, launches his new novel, “The Conjurer and Other Azorean Tales”, in Angra do Heroísmo today. Kastin mother’s was originally from Faial Island and his father from Russia. The writer belongs to the generation of literary creators with Azorean heritage that are conquering... Read more →

Credits: Rui Soares Walk&Talk, the International Public Art Festival which is shaking the artistic community and turning the Azores into a singular destination for creative tourists from around the world, returns from 12th to July 27th. Alexandre Farto (Vhils), Mark Jenkins, Okuda and REMED, are four among the 80 creators,... Read more →

The first Azores Fringe Festival will bring an artistic explosion to Pico, Faial and S. Miguel islands between June 19 - 30. This is the first Portuguese festival in the World Fringe Network and the town of Madalena, in Pico Island, will be the core of the event. “We felt... Read more →

After winning the most prestigious award for the Portuguese language, Camões Prize for Literature, Mia Couto announced that Gungunhana, a historic figure with connections to Terceira Island, is going to be the main character of his next novel. Ngungunyane, also known as Gungunhana Reinaldo Frederico Gungunhana, was a tribal king... Read more →

Credits: Andrea Afonso Between July 12 and 27, São Miguel will host the third edition of the Walk & Talk Festival. The festival promises to fill the Island with colorful street art. This multi-dimensional and participative public art festival is considered one of the most important contemporary art events in... Read more →