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Tuk-tuks, typically associated with Asian cities, found their way to Lisbon in the late 2000s, adding an exotic touch to the local transportation scene. Operated by private drivers, these carts navigate through the city's intricate network of narrow streets, offering tourists a novel and convenient way to experience the city. Read more →

If the pursuit of items on a bucket list becomes an obsession, it may lead to neglecting responsibilities or relationships. Constantly seeking personal fulfillment without considering the needs and well-being of others can be perceived as selfish. Read more →

Just an hour from Lisbon, the Alentejo has no big cities but is made up of fortified hill towns featuring traditional crafts and foods. Making up 30% of Portugal, the region has flowing vineyards and olive oil groves with a mild climate. Guests enjoy the traditional cuisine and distinct local olive oils, bold wines as well as hiking or cycling the rolling cork plains, natural reserves and more than 85 miles of Atlantic coast. Read more →