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The first Azores Fringe Festival will bring an artistic explosion to Pico, Faial and S. Miguel islands between June 19 - 30. This is the first Portuguese festival in the World Fringe Network and the town of Madalena, in Pico Island, will be the core of the event. “We felt... Read more →

Credits: Andrea Afonso Between July 12 and 27, São Miguel will host the third edition of the Walk & Talk Festival. The festival promises to fill the Island with colorful street art. This multi-dimensional and participative public art festival is considered one of the most important contemporary art events in... Read more →

Credits: Turismo dos Açores A recent documentary looked at life in this, the mot remote spot in Europe. Called “It is not the Earth, nor the Moon,” the film followed traditional life on the tiny island of Corvo - the most northern western point of the Azores. At three miles... Read more →