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The Battle of Diu, fought on February 3, 1509, was a pivotal naval clash between a Portuguese fleet commanded by Almeida  and an alliance of the Mamluk Sultanate of Egypt, the Ottoman Empire, the Sultan of Gujarat, and the Zamorin of Calicut. Read more →

Setúbal, is set on the northern bank of the Sado river estuary, about 26 miles south of Portugal's cool capital, Lisbon. A colony of dolphins  now lives in the Sado, making nature and the wild even closer. And, just south of Lisbon, it has the charm of a big city without the huge costs... Read more →

Ah, Portugal - warm, safe, and wonderful! In fact in 2019 more foreigners applied for residency than in any year since they started keeping records. But can you pass the citizenship test? From the list of 30 blew, you could face 10 questions - and being able to get the answers right is crucial for you to be a son or daughter of the Republic. Think you are ready? Try your luck on our "So you want to be a Portuguese" test Read more →

Not that anyone needs a reason to go to Portugal in February anymore - but one good reason is Carnaval, a four-day celebration beginning February 19, 2020. Parades and pageants have been part of Carnaval celebrations throughout Portugal for centuries. But in Funchal, the warm and sunny capital of Madeira, Carnaval festivities are a big deal. Read more →