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The European Cup final is Sunday… France/Portugal! And one place to see world-class soccer is Portugal. Soccer (futebol) is the most popular sport in Portugal today - and despite a population of just 10 million people, Portugal ranks 8th in the world on the FIFA/Coca-Cola Ranking. In fact, there are 135,000 professional players in Portugal, and its top teams are some of the best in Europe! Read more →

American travelers will be looking for new places to enjoy bullfights. One of the closest and most colorful is the island of Terceira in the Azores (Portugal) where 230+ traditional bullfights are held each year. Terceira is about 2,000 miles off the East Coast of the United States. And, on Terceira as in all of Portugal, the bull is never killed. Read more →

The hunt for chocolate eggs, eating “folar” and offering almonds… That’s how Portuguese enjoy Easter. And, if you travel to historic Portuguese villages you can take part in centuries-old traditions. The Enterro do Bacalhau (Cod Burying) and Queima do Judas (Burning Judas), are two of them that would make the Easter Bunny hop a bit faster. Read more →

In 1938 Monsanto was voted the "most Portuguese village in Portugal" nestled on the slope of a steep hill (the Monsanto head, known in Latin as Mons Sanctus), which rises abruptly above the plains and reaches a height of 2486 feet. Nothing is typical about Monsanto a village built around impressively big and balanced granite boulders. Read more →