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The Portuguese guitar or guitarra portuguesa has twelve steel strings, And, for all Portuguese it is forever associated with Fado. It dates back to the beginning of Portugal in the 12th century, and lovingly called the "banza" went with Portuguese sailors around the world. Not surprisingly, it has undergone considerable modification in the centuries - and makes a sound like no other instrument. Read more →

The introduction of the ukulele is credited to Madeira wood workers Manuel Nunes, Augusto Dias and José do Espírito Santo, who came to the Islands in 1879. The Hawaiian Gazette in August 1879 reported "Madeira Islanders recently arrived here have been delighting the people with nightly street concerts…their strange instruments, which are a kind of cross between a guitar and banjo." Read more →

“Arquipélago” – an Azores Center for Contemporary Arts will open in 2015. The former alcohol distilling factory in Ribeira Grande, Sao Miguel, will be transformed into “Arquipélago” - Center for Contemporary Art that is scheduled to open in 2015. Read more →

The annual music festival Maré de Agosto, on the island of Santa Maria, Azores, will run this year from August 21 to the 23. The festival, one of the oldest of the kind in the Azores, is celebrating its 30th year. And it will be help, as usual, on the sandy beach of Praia Formosa. Read more →