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Credits: Pedro Vasconcelos Portuguese and US scientists collected marine bacteria in the Atlantic off São Miguel and Santa Maria islands which might be used to fight different pathologies, such as cancer. This project collected data from more than 3,280 feet below in Azorean waters and gather researchers from Universidade Nova... Read more →

If you dive along the buoy further north until 52 ft. deeph, you’ll find one of the most interesting anchors of all: the “555 Anchor”, which is supported on a large rock block. If you go deeper to southwest, you’ll spot several anchors until you reach a vertical wall that goes down until 115 ft. and where you’ll find a huge anchor in an inverted position. Read more →

Credits: Eleutério José Bettencourt, an archeologist from Centro de História Além-Mar, highlighted the scientific potential of the Azores, reporting that there are records of 600 to 700 shipwrecks off the Azores of ships lost between the 15th and 20th centuries. According to the archeologist, this has a huge potential for... Read more →

Credits: Azores Photos One of the fascinating wonders of the Azores Islands comes in the form of the bio-diversity of its trees and plants, most of which were imported from around the world. Despite their proximity, each island has its own look, feel and climate. The fauna can vary dramatically... Read more →